On my best days, I have a spring in my step, joy in my heart, and feel surrounded by a sense of peace. That can be pretty elusive some days. Everything can be fine, but schedules get chaotic – the peace changes into stale air or worse, chaos; my heart feels heavy or angry, and my steps are labored. How can I call on joy and peace to return when life gets overwhelming?

For me, I can always find a sense of peace after sending some love out into the world. Checking on a friend in need, sending a small gift for no reason, making someone smile changes the whole day for me.

It can be difficult to remember this when I’m living in the chaotic moment. I often feel like I am bouncing from task to task, putting out the fires that keep popping up. Although I feel compelled to perform, my energy is low and everything feels like a drag.

On days like this there is often at least one task that I really want to avoid. I get mental blocks about certain things. They could be easy or difficult but for whatever reason, I resist them with every ounce of my being. At these moments when I just want to cry out “I don’t wanna” and revert to a childhood tantrum, I need to get out of my own head and the best way to that is to send some love to someone in need.

I just need to think of someone else. A client. A friend. My spouse. Just ask someone how their day is going. Send an email to someone you know is going through something challenging and let them know you’re thinking about them. Give somebody hungry something to eat. Literally anything I can do to put love into the world will almost immediately change my day.

I can literally feel the stress melt away. Things become much clearer and brighter. It feels like a chemical reaction – a change in the day as distinct as the sun shining brightly after a storm. Everything shifts all at once. I still may not want to do the thing, but once my perspective has shifted, without even trying, I can think of a new way to approach it that is less scary/annoying/daunting.

This journey towards enhancing my joy is so fascinating. I am beginning to observe the patterns that I’ve lived for years and understand my triggers. I don’t always catch them early, but I can see and understand myself better and am learning how to shift to a better place. When my day is crappy and heavy, I need to send some love out to change it.


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  1. You are absolutely so kind, loving, amazing and awesome… a beautiful and glowing soul. I’m so blessed to have u in my life. Such an inspiration. Sending you love all around


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